Friday, May 29, 2009

Performance Still Life #2

During Walk-Through, I set up a still life in which I placed cheap, processed foods, alongside organic produce and homemade breads and cream cheese. Each organic food item had a processed counter-food item. For instance, there were organic grapes and grape flavored blow-pops; wonderbread and homemade bread; organic grape juice and grape kool-aid; organic raspberries and candy raspberries, etc. Faculty and visitors were invited to partake of the foods, and the still life was documented throughout the day, through the use of a digital camera, placed on a tripod in front of the still life, and set to take a picture every 10 seconds for 5 hours. Then I put the images together in a quick time video.

In creating the Performance Still Life, I was investigating which foods would be eaten and which would remain when consumers were given a choice between natural and processed food. There was quite a lot of food left at the end of the day. If I do this again, I will be more mindful of the audience demographic, which has an effect on the kinds of food and the amount of food taken.


amber said...

Looks good Christen,

I want to see it bigger so I can really see what is happening

Christin Boggs said...

Thanks, Amber! Yeah, it's tough to really see what's going on with the web size and all the pixels.