Friday, May 29, 2009

First Attempts at Photographing Still Lifes

All quarter at RIT, I've been concentrating on the lighting/styling of my still lifes. My goal was to create photographs that allude to seventeenth century Dutch still life paintings. Only instead of using luxurious foods and table settings, I used cheap, processed foods that related to the foods in the still lifes, and cheap, plastic cups/bowls/utensils. In so doing, I wanted to reveal the drastic changes that have occured recently in the American tradition of preparing and sharing food. This first set of imags are the really rough first attempts, in which I was loosely basing the lighting and composition on specific paintings. However, later in the quarter, I chose 5 paintings which I attempted to match as much as possible.

Still Life #3
Still Life #4
Still Life #6
Still Life #7

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