Saturday, April 3, 2010

Livingston County 2010 Farmer Neighbor Evening

While photographing the first day of Sugarbush Hollow's Maple Syrup Festival, I had the pleasure of meeting the president of Livingston County's Chamber of Commerce, Cynthia Oswald. Upon hearing about my thesis project about small scale, local food production, she generously invited me to attend the county's 13th Annual 2010 Farmer Neighbor Evening last Friday, March 25.

The event was held at the Genesee River Restaurant & Reception Center, which housed over 300 attendees. The entryway and reception room were lined with displays by such organizations as the NY Farm Bureau, the 4-H program, and even AT&T. Once Again Nut Butter, Deer Run Winery, and Eagle Crest Vineyards provided product samples as hors d'oeuvres. The main events of the evening were the dinner buffet, award presentations, and an address from guest speaker David J. Salmonsen, Senior Director of Congressional Relations.

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