Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden Friend :: Praying Mantis

I spotted this praying mantis hanging out in my garden on a corn leaf this evening. Natural pest control at its finest! 

And a word about the corn plant... For the past few years I've done my best to pretty much avoid corn and corn bi-products, since the majority are GMOs. But this past winter I read Born to Run, in which author Christopher McDougall discusses Tarahumara corn flour and gives a shout out to Native Seeds - "a leader in the heirloom seed movement." I ordered a few different seed varieties from the website to try out. This particular plant is Tarahumara Gordo "Rosari". I also recently stumbled on Grow Seed, a "Heritage Wheat Conservancy." I wonder if these seeds could offer a cure to America's gluten intolerance epidemic. 

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