Sunday, August 7, 2011

Art on the Farm 2011 :: Session 3 :: Dublin

We were back in Dublin last week with the third session of students. We went back to the Irish Museum of Modern Art and met with resident artist Mary Ruth Walsh:

After walking through the museum, we spent some time outdoors, discussing the students' Dublin photography assignment:

After IMMA, I had a chance to break from the group and went on a search for community gardens and farmers markets. First I found the Dublin Food Co-op, which had a small grocery store area and larger open room for "meetings, markets, exhibitions, classes, workshops, art exhibitions, performances, social events and, of course, food events." There wasn't a lot going on when I went by, but I took a few photos of the space and some of the food:

On my walk, I happened upon the Bridgefoot Street Community Garden, which included chickens, veggies and some incredible scarecrows, all bordering a recreation area:

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