Monday, November 1, 2010

Mud Creek Farm 2010

This summer, I was a work-trade member at Mud Creek Farm CSA, in Victor, NY. The abbreviation “CSA” stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a type of farm that gathers members who pay a fee at the beginning of the season, then pick up a weekly share of vegetables and possibly meat, cheese, eggs, bread, etc. Through this system, the farmer and the customer work together to ensure that the farmer has an adequate income and that the customer has food provisions for the season. As a work-trader, I worked 4.5 hours every Monday morning, in place of the membership fee. I spent each shift harvesting vegetables for distribution. Last week, the season came to an end, so this is my first Monday off from the farm. With the temperature in the upper 30s, it's nice to be inside! Though I miss the farm and all my friends there. Each week, I photographed my share of vegetables:

Several of the photographs from Slow & Steady were taken at Mud Creek Farm, including the image on my postcard: Turnips in a Bathtub. Additional digital photos from the farm can be viewed on my flickr page.

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Kris said...

These are beautiful still life images, Christin. I would love to see the date each shot was taken to learn how the crops changed throughout the growing season.

Christin Boggs said...

Great idea, I'll see about including the date somehow.