Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Produce: Full Success

Last week I hosted a closing reception for produce: photographs by Christin Boggs at Great Falls Library. There was a great turnout, considering it occurred at a time when many are away on vacation. It was so great to catch up with longtime friends and to meet new people. Thank you to everyone who came out!

The reception included some local food dishes. Hollin Farms of Delaplane, Virginia, offered delicious peaches, at a discounted price. Potomac Vegetable Farms of Vienna, Virginia, donated a quart of mouth watering 'Juliet' grape tomatoes. I also prepared several dishes, including Baba Ganoush, Chocolate Beet Cake (substituting margarine with applesauce and all-purpose flour with rice flour), and Barbara Kingsolver's Summer Potato Salad, using vegetables grown either in Rochester, New York or the Washington D.C. area. My mom also made a fabulous spinach quiche, using a recipe from The 10 Things You Need to Eat. Compostable tableware came from Sustainable Party, at a discounted price.

The exhibition:

The closing reception:

Peaches from Hollin Farms:

Deviled Eggs made by my sister-in-law, Lisa Boggs.
Eggs from Potomac Vegetable Farms.

I made whole wheat bagels, using flour from Small World Bakery in Rochester, New York.

Reception photos courtesy of Lisa Boggs, of Lisa Boggs Photography.

Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition!

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slowpoke said...

I LOVED the show and the reception. Your photo series was true food for thought. Your images have been circulating through my head for days now. Really fantastic work on a theme. It was wonderful to see YOU!!
I almost followed you home. ;-)